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Arrow Short

If sweaty feet are your concern, the Arrow Sokz are for you. They contain Coolmax® polyester, which wicks the moisture away from your feet to keep them comfortable.

They offer the following features:
- Anatomic design: each pair consists of a left sock and a right sock (they are marked on the outside of the sock) so that they follow the exact shape of your foot.
- Arch support: an elastic area is located right under the arch of your foot to support it and limit your fatigue.
- Padding on the shin, to prevent chaffing from the edge of your boots.
- Padding around the toes, with a flat seam across the toes so you don’t get pressure points at the corners of the seam.
- Air channels along the back of the sock to promote air circulation in your boots.
- Soft but efficient elastic around the top of the sock and around the ankle, to prevent the socks from falling inside your boots.
- Available in tall (over the calf) or short (under the calf).
- One color scheme: black with grey and a blue arrow sock on the side.

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