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Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery, remember, they are custom made in France!

 The Bagster Luggage System consists of a tank protecting cover and clip on tank bag, each sold separately.

Bagster makes tank covers for virtually any bike made - there are just too many to list. If you do not see your bike listed please contact us for a quote. By phone 630-701-1601 or by email bagster@cimaint.com Ask for Joe.

We can get you a quote for almost any make or model.

You can also go to www.bagster.com to see what they have listed and call us up to order. You plug in your make, model and year and they will pull up what is available.


The Tank Protector (manufactured from coated PVC cloth) is made specifically for each motorcycle model. The style of protector varies according to the bike it is made for. There are also several sizes and colors of Tank Bags that can be attached to the Tank Protector to complete the luggage system.

The Bagster Tank Protector is not only a way to attach your tankbag, but it also covers your fuel tank to protect the paintwork. The Tank Protector has a foam lined soft underside, and does not move around on the bike because it's fastened with 5 straps. One strap wraps around the stearing head while the other four attach under the tank. There is a opening in the tank protector that allows you to gas-up your motorcycle without removing the protrctor.

The Bagster Tank Protector has a four point snap system for attaching a tank bag. It provides optimal stability of luggage at high speeds. Two points located at the front and two at the rear hold the saddlebag as close to the tank as possible. Tank Protectorsare customized to match the colors and patterns of your motorcycle, making them sleek and discreet.

Each Tank Bag (manufactured from coated PVC cloth or coated Nylon) attaches by snapping D-rings into the caches at the front of the tank protector. These are then locked in place. The rear attachment snaps into mating connectors on the base of the Tank Protector.

When it comes time to refuel, simply press the rear tabs to release, and the bag swivels up on the D-rings, giving easy access to the gas tank.

Bagster designs and manufactures saddle equipment and luggage for motorbikes and scooters which are sold throughout the world:

- Luggage: traditional and magnetic tank bags, rear luggage bags, saddle bags and back packs
- Protection: tank covers, aprons and muffs
- Seats: comfort seats, complete seats (Seatster), seat covers

Bagster places great emphasis on the quality of its products and services with:

• specific products for vehicle and/or made to measure
• a range constantly growing with integration of new products
• an efficient after sales department • an interactive website consultable in 5 languages

Bagster prides itself on constantly developing an innovative product range. With 20 years of experience, Bagster shows important craft know how which is recognized throughoput the industry. Bagster knows how to adapt to the needs of the market, with our Design Department consisting of experienced engineers able to innovate quickly to meet the expectations of the market.   Bagster products are guaranteed for one year except for damages due to abnormal use, improper installation or a lack of maintenance.

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