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Silver Tall

The name of the Silver Sokz comes from an actual silver filament which is added to the polyester fibers. This filament is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to keep your feet healthier when they spend long period of times wearing boots. A side benefit is that your socks stay fresh longer, with less odors at the end of a long day.
The Meryl SkinLife Microfiber is a high-tech fiber which keeps your body temperature constant. Wear these socks in warm and cold weather and you will be comfortable.

They offer these features:

-    Anatomic design: each pair consists of a left sock and a right sock (they are marked on the toes) so that they follow the exact shape of your foot, including around the ankle where they do not bunch like tube socks.
-    Padding around the toe with flat seams, around the heel, and along the front to prevent chaffing from the boots.
-    They are thin everywhere else for a better fit inside the boots.
-    The soft elastic around the top will keep them in place.
-    Air channels along the front to help with air circulation.
-    Available in tall (over the calf) or short (under the calf).
-    Three color options: black/grey, black/red and black/blue.

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